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Booking To Action: How Your Events Impact Society

Date posted:21 Mar 2024      |      Author: Kayode Balogun

At Friends House, we believe in the power of collective action. Your events help us to create a brighter future, as all of our profits are gift-aided to the charity of Quakers in Britain. Explore how booking your event with us is ethical and sustainable at every step of the way. It’s time to take you on a journey through our “Booking To Action” process.

1. Booking a venue with values:

Your decision to book one of our meeting rooms or event spaces marks the first step towards positive change. When you book with us, you are booking a venue that is committed to Quaker values like peace, justice, equality, and sustainability.

2. Fostering change through green meetings:

With us, events don’t cost the earth. From conferences to workshops, each gathering supports our mission to foster a sustainable community. We are championing eco-friendly practices in the events industry. Friends House is an ECOsmart Platinum and Green Meetings Gold accredited venue.

3. Generating income, sustaining fair practices:

By hiring our spaces and enjoying our services, you directly support our mission. We use the income generated to sustain our historic building, pay staff fairly (we are a recognised London Living Wage Employer) and support our ethical suppliers. We always prioritise the 3Ps: People, Planet, and Profit. Your choice aligns with our commitment to fairness, sustainability, and ethical practices.

4. Action:

The Quaker principles guide our actions. The profit generated from your booking contributes to the greater good. Through gift-aiding our profits, Quakers can act on peace, justice, equality, and sustainability in the United Kingdom and abroad. Recently the profit generated has gone towards Quaker projects such as Turning The Tide. This programme helps local activists to stand up for social justice and peace in East Africa (Kenya, Rwanda and Burundi).


Every booking at Friends House signifies more than just a transaction; it’s a transformative act that contributes to building a more inclusive and sustainable society. By booking your next event with us, you are making a meaningful difference. You’re directly supporting our mission to promote Quaker values of peace, justice, equality, and sustainability. Your decision empowers us to continue our community-centred initiatives and foster positive change within and beyond our walls.

Book Friends House for your next event today and be part of the movement for change. Contact us today to explore how we can collaborate to bring your vision to life while making a meaningful difference in the world.

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