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Seed Kitchen: a new vegetarian and vegan
restaurant at Friends House

Date posted:08 Oct 2020      |      Author: Cecilia B

Since the publication of this blog post, Seed Kitchen opened in October 2019 but had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020

If you visit Friends House on a regular basis, you might have noticed that our restaurant is currently closed for refurbishment. This autumn, we will unveil Seed Kitchen, our new restaurant. As the name suggests, Seed Kitchen will serve vegetarian and vegan dishes.

A vegetarian and vegan restaurant

We have pledged to reduce animal-based products served at Friends House and our impact on the environment. At a time when the impact of our diet on climate change hits the headlines, we believe that switching to vegetarian and vegan diets is the way forward. With this in mind, our chefs have come up with a very appetising menu. It is both innovative and creative. There will be lighter and main plates, along with a selection of desserts. Expect shallot and onion tarte tatin, Moroccan paleo soup, vegan fish and chips, flatbread pizza, and desserts from the Bake the Difference trainees. Dishes will be brought to your table by our waiting staff and some of the Bake the difference trainees, as they learn front of house skills.

A sustainable and ethical restaurant

The menu will change with the seasons. Ingredients will be Fairtrade and organic, and locally sourced where possible. Our restaurant team has been talking with new suppliers to get the freshest ingredients possible, with the smallest carbon footprint. We will always try to source ingredients in the smallest radius possible.

A redesigned restaurant

We want the restaurant to be an inclusive space where people feel comfortable. There will be 58 seats altogether, including communal and banquette seating. There will be a complete redesign of the décor too. The ceiling will be higher to let more natural light in. The counter, tables, and chairs will be replaced. Eco-sourced materials will be used, such as FSC certified reclaimed wood for the counter. To echo our commitment to sustainability, a “living” wall will be installed. Made entirely from preserved reindeer moss, it will be maintenance-free and long-lasting. This will participate in creating a healthy, welcoming and eco-conscious environment for customers.

What’s more?

Trainees from Bake the Difference will have more involvement, as they will not only bake but also be baristas, kitchen porters and waiters in the restaurant.

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